Project Description


During this workshop, designed to help you understand the needs of young dance students, you will examine how to teach children ages two to six. The emphasis will be on helping them learn to grow physically, physiologically, behaviorally, and emotionally.

Early childhood dance is about much more than dance. This wonderful time of life encompasses a world of curiosity and creativity that needs to be thoughtfully woven together with organized activities to give them skills that will not only help in future dance training, but also in life.

You will learn about the range and flow of energy throughout the class and examine and build lesson plans that take this energy into consideration. Then, we will build on your willingness and ability to respond to the children’s most immediate needs, adapting and developing your lesson plans throughout the course to take them to new places by the end of the term.

How do your courses relate to each other as the children age? Do you have confusion or hesitation about building a bridge between early childhood material and more advanced material? You will learn how to smoothly build concepts that directly connect so that your classes seamlessly flow into new material as they progress.

Come and build your confidence to bring your little ones the magic and laughter that fuel their learning. Build and expand your toolbox with new ideas and resources to explore in the future.